Mark  Beal
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Roaring 20's Motor Cars was my first company which produced 31 turn key Corsairs and over 100 in kit form.  Corsairs now reside all over the world including Australia, Germany, Spain, England, Sweden and Japan.  The Corsair has received many awards including the industry award for best engineered vehicle. 

When I started building the prototype it required making most of the parts from scratch.  The fenders were made by gluing blocks of foam together on a wooded buck then hand carving them into the desired shape.  The body was made entirely of steel.  All the bumpers, supercharger pipes, tail lights, headlights, floor panels, hood, dashboard and interior panels were made in house.  The chassis was a modified Lincoln Continental lengthened over 9 inches. The engine came with a choice of a 351 c.i. or 400 c.i. V-8.  The mechanical repairs and maintenance could be performed at any Ford or Lincoln dealer.